duck face

6:30 AM the morning after Easter the phone rings and wakes me out of deep sleep.   Panic & annoyance until I remember what day it is.  It’s duckling day!  The most exciting day of the year.

One week old ducklings arrived the day after Easter.


I kiss my sleeping partner (who will be roused for no less than a zombie apocalypse at this hour), pull on jeans & warm socks, and head for a quick cup of tea before I’m out the door headed to the post office.  I arrive at our local distribution center & a friendly and very awake post man greets me & hands me a peeping box with holes.  I travel home with a box of frantic peeps in my lap, driving slowly over bumps & wondering at this weird way to come into the world.

This is one of the ducklings temporarily named "smart duck"

At home I take my new charges to the brooder I prepared over the weekend, open the box & look into six adorable eyes.  This is love at first sight.

duckling attack!




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