Reviving a heritage apple orchard

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Notes from the Field:

Protections for agricultural workers are still not as strong as those for other workers. Help @senkamalaharris change that by supporting her Fairness for Farm Workers Act. Visit this page for more information.
A mama and baby dear keep going by my kitchen window every day. I'm going to start keeping track of the time - to see if they're on a schedule! lol.
A momma and baby deer just ran by the kitchen window. And I've never seen such a small baby deer! Looked like she was no more than 2 feet tall!
What a spectacular morning! The super blue blood moon setting into the starry west, Totoro the Owl and his lady calling back and forth, shooting stars, low fog gathered down in the creek, and a very noisy flock of ducks and goose to go with sunrise...
@everyEarthquake @everyEarthquake felt it all the way up in Sebastopol. Mild window rattling and building shaking

May you have the ability to make the grass greener on whichever side of the fence you find yourself on…

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Happy New Year! 2022

From our new farm in Belmont, Vermont. Moon Acre Farm 2.0 ! All video taken on our land, except for the gazebo, which was taken in Weston VT, 15 minutes from here.

Gardening with Ducks!

Happy New Year! 2018-2019

Happy New Year! This year's farm focus was the pond filter.  Thank you, mom! (aka Laura Victor van Gorder), for providing the filter for the pond.  The water is amazingly clear now, as you can see  : ) Ups and Downs on the farm: Obviously the pond filter was the biggest highlight. But additionally, Heather grew a tomato bigger than [...]

Supermoon Blood Eclipse – 2018

What a spectacular morning! The super blue blood moon setting into the starry west, Totoro the Owl and his lady calling back and forth, shooting stars, low fog gathered down in the creek, and a very noisy flock of ducks and goose to go with sunrise…

Happy New Year 2017-2018!

Merry Fishmas & a Happy New Year! Enjoy a virtual tour of Moon Acre Farm. Music: "Lullaby For Ducks & Geese" by "Beware The Banjo" Special Thanks to: Kaisa The Goose Ducks In A Row: Jemima, Penelope, Duckie MoMo, Blackberry, T-Rex, Mouse, Torpedo & Adventure Duck Totoro The Great Horned Owl (these owls don't move their eyes at all, they swivel [...]

Adventures with Ducks

Happy Solstice, Hanukkah, Xmass, NewYears, Wassail, AKA:  Earth-Is-Tilted-On-Its-Axis-So-It's-Cold-this-Time-Of-Year! We're wishing you all a very Happy New Year! We've made this little video, below, to commemorate the past and to Wassail you into the new Year!

Out Of The Box

Just a day in the life of ducklings and goslings. This is their 2nd time “out of the box”, exploring on their own.

Hey! Come back here!

This is so cute. This was one of the first times the ducklings and goslings were “out” in the brave new world, exploring and biting everything, unfettered by walls and rules and…. Hey! Where are you going! Come back here!!!! DOH!!

Happy Strawberry Moon Summer Solstice to you!

And here we go again…

June is practically full summer here in California, so it always feels a little late to be raising new peeps starting in June.  But by June we’ve usually gotten through most of the mowing, weeding, and planting that makes early spring so hectic (usually).  Here are the new little members of our flock, balls of fluff so cute and noisy […]


Two Month Ducks

Here’s what happens when you blink and two months go by:   “who am I?” “yeah, I could get used to this ‘water’ stuff” “Ta Da!  We’re Ducks!” (captions by peter)

Getting Ready

I’m getting ready & inspired for the coming harvest season.  So many new ideas bubbling forth and sparks of creativity coming through.  I’ve been loving Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers for inspiration.

Caption Contest ~ April

Here’s how it works:  We post a Moon Acre photo from the month, you write your caption for the photo in the comments (get wild & crazy but appropriate for young eyes), after 2 weeks the Moon Acre crew will vote on our favorite caption! Ready, set, Go!

Easter Arrivals

6:30 AM the morning after Easter the phone rings and wakes me out of deep sleep.   Panic & annoyance until I remember what day it is.  It’s duckling day!  The most exciting day of the year.   I kiss my sleeping partner (who will be roused for no less than a zombie apocalypse at this hour), pull on jeans […]


Mouse is the youngest duck in the flock. She is learning the wisdom of following humans looking for bugs from the expert Jemima Puddle-duck.

Peter’s Perfect Pyro Persimmon Pudding 3.0

I’ve been evolving this recipe from one I inherited from my great grandma. Wet ingredients – Mix in one large bowl 1.5 cups soft persimmon 2 eggs 1/2 cup eggnog 1 tsp pure vanilla extract 1/4 stick unsalted butter, melted Dry ingredients – Mix in a separate large bowl 1/2 cups  Flour 1/4 cups White sugar 1/4 cups Brown sugar 1 tsp.  Cinnamon 1/2 […]

First Duck Egg!

First egg! We’re not sure if it’s a duck or goose egg (odds are it’s a duck egg) The feather-heads hatched on June 11th – so it took 171 days before our first egg.  That’s about 5.5 months. Tomorrow… we eat it.

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