Reviving a heritage apple orchard

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Notes from the Field:

Protections for agricultural workers are still not as strong as those for other workers. Help @SenKamalaHarris change that by supporting her Fairness for Farm Workers Act. Visit this page for more information.
A mama and baby dear keep going by my kitchen window every day. I'm going to start keeping track of the time - to see if they're on a schedule! lol.
A momma and baby deer just ran by the kitchen window. And I've never seen such a small baby deer! Looked like she was no more than 2 feet tall!
What a spectacular morning! The super blue blood moon setting into the starry west, Totoro the Owl and his lady calling back and forth, shooting stars, low fog gathered down in the creek, and a very noisy flock of ducks and goose to go with sunrise...
@everyEarthquake @everyEarthquake felt it all the way up in Sebastopol. Mild window rattling and building shaking

May you have the ability to make the grass greener on whichever side of the fence you find yourself on…

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