Come uncover the secrets of mead with local home-fermenter, gardener, and anthropologist Marley Peifer!

Also known as honeywine, mead is one of the most diverse and mysterious of fermented beverages. We will delve deep into the rich history and cultural significance of this beverage then focus intently on what it takes to make it at home. Tools, tricks, techniques, resources, and recipes will all be discussed while we brew up several delicious demo batches and sample examples.

Participants will leave this workshop with all the knowledge needed for making their own mouth-watering mead, and if lucky could go home with a complete mead-making kit from the radical raffle!!

Bring your goblet for tasting!

Feel free to ask Marley an pre-workshop questions:
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  1. marley 12 years ago

    It’s going to be sweet! Or if you prefer dry, or carbonated…it can be that too.

    • peter 12 years ago

      I love the way you present all your information – both clear and concise, but also fun – not “dry” at all! Your presentations have always been more… “Carbonated” and bubbly!

      I’m looking forward to the workshop!

  2. Peter 12 years ago

    I’m posting this while in the workshop….

    OMG Your meads taste amazing!

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