Thursday, April 19th, 2012
5 and 8:30pm

(come for any portion).

Location: Moon Acre Farm – Sebastopol, CA

This Thursday we have invited bow maker and teacher, Mark Smith, to share with us his knowledge of Bow making.

We will begin at 5:00pm with a casual gathering at the hay bales for some simple loosing of arrows. There will be an opportunity for you to learn the basics of bow-arrow-archer dynamics, basic shooting form, and how to choose equipment that is right for you.

As the evening progresses, we will shift the topic towards the specifics of bow and arrow making. At the very end we will look at the possibilities for putting together another workshop were we will get a chance to make our own bows and arrows! The projected cost for making your personal bow is between $100 – $200. (used bows online are around $500, if you can find one that fits you).

Thursday April 19th:
5-7pm — Archery Basics, Form, Practice on our range
7-8:30pm — Bow-Building Basics, Planning our Bow-Making options

Interest in Archery is growing so fast that there are little to no bows available for purchase at a reasonable price.
A growing group of us would like to build our own bows for several reasons: 1) to save money, 2) to have a bow that fits our personal body size, strength and draw length, and 3) to have the joy of owning a bow that we made either entirely of in part by our own hands.
Mark Smith has helped many people make bows. He will bringing a range of his bows and materials for us to examine and talk about.

RSVP to is Necessary:

For planning and safety purposes we need to know how many people are coming.
If you’re interested, you must let us know by this Wednesday evening.

We know this is very short notice and we are very grateful to have found a small opening in Mark’s schedule – before he’s off to go teach at the annual BuckeyeGathering

Once you email to let us know if you’re planning, we’ll send you directions.

Tell a friend! And RSVP!

All the best,
The Moon-Acre-Farm crew

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  1. Starcloud 12 years ago

    Yes, archery workshop, please. : )
    With aloha,

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